Ability to flag a page to not be published/exported

It would be nice if you could flag a page in the editor to not be publishable. This is especially helpful for those of us that publish/export the site pages to a file then upload the file to our server. Right now we have to go in to our exported file and figure out which ones we don’t want published and delete them from our file on our computer. Being able to flag them in the editor to not export then would give us a clean file of only the pages we want to publish. Just a thought…

I think at least one other person sort of asked this same question but no one ever responded to it: Export only a selected part of the website


I have to jump in and agree with @adtastic here. Within a site, it would be ideal to simply add a setting at the page level to “Exclude from Publishing”. Would be a very easy override of publishing the site.

When a site is published, it simply publishes all pages unless they have been overridden.


I would love to see this functionality. Right now I am trying to figure out how to create a “test” site for development, separate from my 'live" site. I have a basic, one-page site, but will be adding more pages as time goes on. It would be great if I could work on new pages within my site in ‘development mode’ without having to publish them if I want to make a minor update elsewhere on my live site.


Ability to set specific pages to be included on export. Would be lovely to extend this ability for utility pages (like the 404) as well.

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It would be very useful if We could export only a selected part of the website done in webflow instead to export each files.

Ex : only export one new page or only modified pages.

Some members could be interested about it ?

what would happen if you had a link pointing to that now unpublished page… a 404 ?
or maybe an auto-redirect to the index page.