Save pages as drafts! [new feature]

Webflow calls this a “light feature”, but I think it will be as invaluable as page passwords. Way to go :webflow_heart: team!


Wondering when it will work for dynamic pages. :slightly_smiling_face:

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@nabbiechan Do you mean to say that you’d like to save a CMS Collection Template and all of its subpages into draft mode? Because individual CMS Dynamic Pages can already be saved as a draft. Also you can easily select all items in a CMS collection at once and save them as a draft.

I would also like CMS pages to receive password protection support too.

^ Yes you can but I don’t think they will show when you do a multi-reference to another collection if I’m not mistaken, unless this has changed?

Yep, I think this is a great feature. One thing which was not mentioned in the update announcement is that when a page is set as a draft, it no longer appears in the sitemap either.

However, I’m with @nabbiechan on this - I think we need to be able to hide CMS items from editors, visitors and search engines. I.e. a CMS collection which is just used for reference - or pages which we don’t want published on our sitemap.

The draft feature simply make pages unpublishable and stops them from being published. However, I think we need a few more options which would allow the designer to hide pages from:

  • Visitors (draft feature just released :slight_smile: )
  • Editors (switch option in the page settings to hide the page from editors)
  • Sitemap (switch option in the page settings to remove the page from the auto-generated sitemap)
  • Search Engines (switch option in the page settings to hide the page from Search Engines - i.e. a switch which functions the same as <meta name="robots" content="noindex">)

Would love to hear others thoughts on this also.

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@nabbiechan @matthewpmunger @Diarmuid_Sexton

There are several wishlist items for the ability to “hide” collections and items. Here’s one of them:

Yep, but no harm to bring it to the teams attention here again while we’re on the topic!

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No of course not. Sorry if I was perceived like you shouldn’t discuss it, not my attention :grinning: I just wanted to point out that wishlist exists and the staff use that and discussion here to determine what to do next.

Actually draft CMS items do show in reference and multi-reference fields. I think you’re right that this ability changed at some point a while ago, but I couldn’t tell you when exactly.


You’re right it wasn’t mentioned in the text copy for the announcement but is shown as an alert in the Editor picture.

I understand what you’re saying. This would be a similar to the “exclude from search” and “editor settings” in the designer so that we can control what contributors can see/do in the Editor.


Maybe this could be called Hidden. So you could do the following to a page, Save, Draft, or Hide. Drafts are hidden from visitors and publishing but allow collaborators in the Editor to work on them and publish. Hidden pages are not visible to collaborators or visitors and can only be seen or adjusted inside the Designer

Can you describe a situation where you would want these to toggle separately from each other? Could hiding a page as I described above do one or both of these too?

@jorn Thanks for linking the wishlist item. That is the right thing to do after these discussions. Go vote! Also I linked this discussion to the wishlist item. Thought that might be helpful to keep the items linked in both directions.


Is there any way to put a page in draft, but when you publish - the existing online version of that page remains? For instance, if I have an about page that I am tweaking the design of - and another designer is updating content in another page and hits publish, their change can go live but mine wont?

How about duplicating the current page. Then save the duplicated copy as a draft. Use the draft page to work on. Then when finished swap out the pages. This is also how you can save an archived version of a static page.

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