Is there anyway we can suggest to WebFlow to at minimum, have 2FA protection for deletion of a website?

Hi there community. I was wondering if this has been brought up before? I feel like it is too easy to maliciously or accidentally delete a website. And since there is no protection against a deleted website, such as a 72 hour window before it is completely gone, is there anyway we can at least implement 2FA to confirm deletion? I feel like what everyone is doing is duplicating their website, creating a secondary WebFlow account, and transferring ownership to that account in order to have a secondary backup in case the main gets deleted. Let me know if anyone else feels the same. Thank you.

You would recommend that in the webflow wishlist.

However- I think that’s the wrong answer. I have hundreds of test sites, R&D sites, prototype sites, that I need to be able to delete easily.

A more efficient and safer approach is to use the trash bin pattern and delete fully in 30 days, if it’s not restored before then.

Yes, even the recycle bin approach is a great idea. Webflow, please implement this! It’s my wishlist =)