A not existing page will be generated when export HTML


I don´t know if this is normal but i found that if you change the slug of a page, when you export the site, 2 pages will be generated: the new one with the updated slug and the old one with the old slug… is this ok? it´s boring to delete the page all the times the site is being exported.


The export exports what’s published. The old page isn’t regenerated, it’s just still there.

Click on the publish button then on the “Unpublish” link, to unpublish the site.

Then publish the site, then export.

Is it still there?

Thanks @vincent, yes it’s still there :frowning: , any ideas?

pd: this start happening when i changed the name of the slug in the page…

Yes maybe a bug. @cyberdave could you have a look?

Things you can try:

Revert to the old slug, duplicate the page to the new slug, delete the first page, unpublish publish.

Do the same then duplicate the site… And see if the duplicate still has the issue.

Thanks @vincent, when i try what you suggest (revert to the old slug), it says “page with this url already exist”, which is not true… :open_mouth: , any thoughts?

Interesting… lots of pages in your site? mind to share your read-only link?

Do you mind if i send it you you by private? the site has been already published and it has some sensitive information :blush:

I’m on it but tell me more, what page is it? what’s the old slug, what’s the new one?

Sure, sorry!

The page is inside the “en” folder, the name is “Tickets” and the old slug was “/tickets” the new one is “/entradas-en”, thanks!.


I want to come and see Dave Growl :frowning:

hahaha your are welcome :slight_smile:

And Green Day too. What’s the rest of the lineup?

That’s your /ticket page: the same slug is on the Soon page

removed image

Oops! silly of me… thanks a lot

Sorry I removed the image.

So did it solve the issue?

yesssss!! thanks a lot :smiley:

I did check the URL’S over and over…but arffff maybe i was blind…

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