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Very upset with Webflow (slightly less now)

I’ve been trying to design a website with Webflow now and I was really excited about the platform. So far it’s been incredibly annoying to use. Warnings here, popups telling me I can’t do something there, etc. I am really not happy with the UX of designing. You can’t even copy and paste… I’m running into a lot more bugs lately with the borders around the elements lagging when I scroll and in general it’s just pretty slow to use.

When are you guys planning to release the major update?

  • Let us create symbols from anywhere in the application
  • Stop throwing errors, find a better way to recommend alternative solutions
  • Fix the performance issues with lagging borders
  • Unbind everything from Dynamic lists and don’t lock the top icon so I need to unbind everything manually one by one
  • Let us animate any element from directly on the element and not some coupled “sibling” element bs… What if I move the other element? Now I need to decouple my animation?
  • Allow for nesting symbols!

The amount of money I’m throwing at this platform and I can’t even get a basic site designed is just pissing me off… sorry about the rage here.

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If you can’t get a basic site designed in webflow, I am not sure the fault lies with webflow.

Just sayin’.

I’m genuinely with you on some of this stuff; some of it I think you’re just being picky, though.

  1. Where are you within the application that you can’t create symbols?

  2. The only time I see “errors” in webflow is when I try to put a section within a section (or when I’m in a section and I want to create a new section and I have to deselect before clicking section… it would be nice if webflow just created a new section below the current section.)

  3. I’m not sure what you’re talking about as far as laggy borders. I haven’t noticed it. Could it possibly be your machine/browser?

  4. I don’t use dynamic lists so I can’t speak on that.

  5. … You CAN animate any element from directly on the element and not some coupled “sibling” element… What is it you’re trying to accomplish? Did you get nonsensical in your rage? Not trying to be patronizing either, it’s happened to me.

  6. Yes. A thousand times, yes.

  7. Webflow really isn’t all that expensive, but the support is 100% free. Ask questions if you’re having problems.

Yep, I need to quit Web Design. Nailed it! I’d rather be an investor…

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Calm down, bro.

Like I said. Ask questions if you’re having problems. Webflow is an awesome tool. I think you’re just letting frustration get the better of you.

Seriously though… I think this about does it for me. I’m most likely switching back to Shopify. Sorry.

Wasted my entire day on a F***ing nav bar…

The stock webflow navbar is hot garbage. I’m with you on that. I never use that thing.

I feel like I’m trapped between two sheets of metal under a falling building trying to turn a handle that’s locked but still turning with a squeaky sound.

Well. You don’t always get to know exactly what you’re going to dream about when you go to sleep at night.

Lucky me.

Webflow isn’t perfect, but it’s the best thing I’ve found for skipping the super boring coding phase of development. Interactions 2.0 are going to be pretty slick as well. If that is the amount of pressure you’re feeling, is it possible you are trying to push the learning curve too quickly? Are you working on something that has a looming deadline?

Would it be feasible for you to go back and go through some tutorials and do some of the icky beginner stuff so you can more ease into the Webflow Experience?

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It’s everything. Sketch is broken. Webflow is glitchy. InVision won’t put comments in the right place. Clients don’t know what they want. Budgets are too low. Costs are too high. I’m honestly done… Regardless of how good Webflow gets, it’s causing me in particular more stress than I’d like to own. Great tool. Wrong person.

And that is why Webflow needs a board just for designers to whine about clients. Or maybe General IS that board.

I hear you on all three of these things. As far as the first three things though, that’s just the nature of technology, isn’t it? I’m just guessing here, but would it be safe to assume you were not around during the days of trying to build tables that worked on all browsers? Do you remember having to put border=“0” in every. freaking. image. tag. because, otherwise IE would put an ugly blue border around it?

As long as technology exists, and people insist on the latest and greatest even before it’s ready, technology providers are going to continue being stuck putting out less-than-perfect software (and hardware).

But would getting rid of Webflow REALLY solve your problem? It sounds to me like if you had better clients with higher budgets, you’d have more time to throw at putzing around in Webflow to get more used to it. I’m not getting paid to be here or anything, so I’ve got no vested interest in you staying or going. I just think that, in the long run, you will greatly appreciate the time and effort you put in to jump over the first few hurdles in learning Webflow.


Overall, Webflow is a step forward for sure. But the UX needs a lot of work. It’s very efficient to design in the browser, but we don’t just need another photoshop with clickedy clacking buttons all over the place. The modern web designer needs more leverage through reduced steps, clicks, and limitations from the UI. At the end of the day, we have a keyboard here and should honestly just be keystroking our designs to life. If I could mock up a wireframe as fast as typing up the content spec, THAT would SOLVE REAL PROBLEMS.

Whoa. I just saw this thread. I’d love to get on a webcam call with you right now and pick your brain.

I’m here to help and I want to make sure I understand where you are coming from.

Do you have time right now?

@PixelGeek Sure, I could do that. Would you be up for helping me fix this navbar animation at all?

Webflow solves real problems as it is, though. I think what you’re talking about is keyboard shortcuts. I’m in Photoshop and Illustrator all day and I barely use their buttons at all unless it’s to put in specific values.

Unless what you’re talking about is some kind of Dreamweaver-type visual coder with autocomplete? I don’t see Webflow ever becoming something like that if only because it would almost completely remove the novice DIY crowd from the mix. Maybe I’ve misunderstood what you’re thinking. One of the greatest things about Webflow is that it is usable for a pure novice who can only click buttons and wants a (truly) basic, barebones site, or it can be used by someone more experienced who can dig into it and utilize its fuller potential.

Resolving directly via video conferencing/screen sharing. Thank you for your patience and understanding.

so why isn’t this post visible in the forum ?

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Hi @Revolution thank you so much for pointing this out, this issue was incorrectly unlisted, our sincerest apologies. The issue was resolved after @PixelGeek hopped on a call with @crjoe though to work through the issues at hand. I have re-listed the issue.

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