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Some day I want to be able to create a website like this!

Today I found this amazing website, I hope this website inspire you.

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So good imagery :slight_smile: beautiful site, very inspiring !

Amazing site! I think this site would be a great example for the recreation. Maybe Nelson would take it into account :wink:

You could probably do that in an afternoon on Webflow. There isn’t a whole lot to it. What is making it look good is the imagery.

I love the simplicity of the site. Very easy to do in Webflow. Very basic content as well. But it is how they made use of the content which makes it look so beautiful.

They knew that had beautiful imagery and they made use of it by focusing all of the sites attention on the imagery.

And the point they needed to make across with the text they simple held back on the imagery and put in the text without the imagery being a distraction.


Thanks for sharing @AntonioBalderas

@Cricitem @VladimirVitaliyevich Probably very easy to do in webflow but the real magic begins before start coding. @PixelGeek always remind us about the importance of storytelling and UX.

The studio behind the website has a nice website :grinning:

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Such a nice site and super easy to put together in Webflow! Try It out :slight_smile:

That website inspired me to make the two websites below. Especially how they handle imagery inspired me to make some cool things.

Webflow makes it possible.

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great stuff, @rowan …! I love the music, thanks for that… beautiful work as usual… :slight_smile:

Really beautiful one! I think the only thing we can’t do in Webflow is the navbar behavior. It only appears when you scroll up. It would be a great suggestion to Wish list.

Awesome work @rowan you always show how good webflow can be. @douglasrpinho let’s see if interactions 2.0 will make it possible without custom code!

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