Streaming live at 10am (PST) - My new portfolio is online. Feedback is very much appreciated!

Got to love webflow. :slight_smile:

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Looks good!

Couple of things:
0. I’d write some text that goes along with the (great!) pictures, such as like this or this.

  1. I’d put some letter spacing in your contact bar for the email adress. Now it’s a bit close together.
  2. Small detail, on the about page there’s a dead link to WF on
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I like the design but from a UX standpoint in my opinion there is way too much going on. When I clicked the first box and loaded the work. That zoom effect is incredibly distracting. It is kind of offensive to my eyes. I’d stick to using that effect on the main page only and let the work speak for itself on the project page.

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Hi! Thanks for the feedback. So you say just remove the scroll interaction from the project pages? Would that fix that there is “too much going on” or is that due to something else too?

Awesome work mate! This is something similar to my themeforest project. Thought the framework is purely bootstrap 3 not WF. I suggest a tooltip(mouse over effect) that would tell an info about a certain project.

Homepage - above-the-fold area or the image slider background, either you need those images be blurred maybe 30% OR just add overlay patterns. Here’s a great JQuery plugin for that effect -

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