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3D Globes for Webflow

You can now build a 3D interactive globe in a Webflow website with no code!!! :sunglasses:
In 2020, Weglot and Finsweet joined forces to launch the most cloned showcase of the year.

This year, we’re back with a clonable that’ll blow your mind! :exploding_head: Learn how to build animated, interactive, and multilingual 3D globes in Webflow, controlled entirely by .JPG image! Use it to show your remote team’s location, design a branded map, or build a cool-looking sphere that simply spins around. If you’re feeling lazy, then just get started with our free cloneable!

:white_check_mark: Compatible with Webflow CMS.
:white_check_mark: Multi-language support with Weglot.
:white_check_mark: No 3D skills needed.
:white_check_mark: No javascript skills needed. 100% attribute-based.
:white_check_mark: Pins and tooltips are 100% Webflow Designer friendly.
:white_check_mark: Free source file templates to create custom globe images.
:white_check_mark: Free Webflow cloneable.
:white_check_mark: Endless possibilities.

Full docs: Create a 3D Globe in Webflow
Made with :muscle: by Finsweet



Eugene from Weglot here.

The most frequently asked question we had about the showcase we did last year was how we made the 3D globe :earth_americas: at the beginning of the website. That’s why we decided to do this new showcase (& tool) with Finsweet :smiley:

We had a blast doing this new collaboration and we hope you’ll like it too!


Hi! Is there any way the z-index of the pins can be fixed?
We would really love to use the globe when depicting the nationalities in our
team, although the pins overlay the tooltips which doesn’t look good at all.
I believe this is something that shouldn’t be happening.

Another issue I’d like to ask about. Some of the locations I need to add are relatively close together (small countries near one another). I think I could only use the globe if zooming was possible. I take it that this isn’t a feature right now? Might you add this in future?