Can I change the starting position on the Finsweet 3D globe?

The Finsweet globe when used with collections is great and quick to implement, but there is no option to set a different longitude/latitude starting point (and turn off the rotation). By default it starts at the equator line in the US, I want it to start in Europe. Does anybody know if this can be done with an extra layer of custom code?

I see that the 3D globe when implemented in the WebflowConf site, has a different starting point, so it’s possible.

One way would be to shift the center point of the image like so:

Be aware that the all the dots on the map keep the initial position, so they won’t be correct anymore.

Hi @RoryVB Thanks for your suggestion, but unfortunately I have several positions from a collection on the globe, so this would not work :confused:

Have tried to combine it with the three.js script since the Finsweet globe is based on the same library, trying to override the default camera, but with no luck.

Would changing the positions of the already existing locations be a lot of work? Might be a tedious job but still worth it depening on the amount.