How to make "Movable images"

Hi, I’m wondering how I can make or use some kind of editor to make my own “movable images” such as has on their first page, the big purple globe?
It moves and I can also interact with it, moving it myself.

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That interactive globe on github is created with (I think) a 3D app and exported as WebGL. This renders in a HTML Canvas element. More info on WebGL can be found here: Getting started with WebGL - Web APIs | MDN
You can use a 3D program like Blender to create the globe and export that as WebGL.

@Fredrik_Gehrke You may be interested in Polygonjs (disclaimer - I’ve created it), which is a 3D tool designed to create effects like the globe you link to.

Here is also a tutorial to add those effects to Webflow.

Don’t hesitate if you have any questions