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3D Sphere with mapped image possible?

Hi All,

I know we can build 3d cubes using flat layers rotated. But is a 3d sphere possible at all?

For example the earth.

I’m wishing to recreate a 3D globe much like this one where even the image is mapped in a 3D way.

I know this is possible outside of webflow but wanted to know is this would ever be possible purely with webflow?


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Hi Josh, short answer is no! You can make a 3D sphere this way purely with Webflow: as a series of circular divs but not an actual 3D model that has a mapped image around it. Regards Kai


I had that in mind and searched for it, but it looks very bad :smiley: Also this,

There’s maybe a creative way around it, it depends on how free you want your rotation to be. This page is quite good:

@keejo that sphere is still beautiful :slight_smile:

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Thanks both! Much appreciated :slight_smile:

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The mind was blown at the exquisite simplicity of the solution with the 3d sphere on post-detection. I literally wept with joy seeing such a magnificent display of creative skills.

Thanks @dram! That’s very nice of you - I’m pleased to give you some joy this morning!! :webflow_heart::sunglasses:

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