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3D Book Review using the CMS

Using the power of Webflow CMS and the new 3D transforms you can create some amazing interactions!



Man, thats awesome =D

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Thanks @jorn enjoying playing with the new transforms, feels like the only limit is my imagination! :slight_smile:

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Very glitchy on Safari OS X. After rolling out of one and into another, the animation closes the cover, but flashes back to the contents underneath the cover.

@mbrannon47 thanks for letting me know, was only messing around so haven’t tested it in other browsers.

@Aaron No problem. It seems to be a similar glitch to the one @MinewireNetwork and @Nick1 have been experiencing using the new 3D effects.

Looks fantastic, great job!

Are you using an perspective settings? When I tried to do a flip up effect, it looked like it rotated, but your technique is realistic.

Hi @MinewireNetwork ,

Yeah took some fiddling have a look at the site in the Webflow Editor

So this is the structure the “bookCoverContainer” has the Cover Image and the “bookBackFace” set to “Absolute” cover “Full”

Then the “BookCoverContainer” has a “Self Perspective” set to the below:

Hope that helps.



That was the issue, I needed self perspective. Thanks so much!



No problem, glad it’s working for you!


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Yeah, I had the same issues.

I bet the issues are, dare I say, a problem the Webflow team will have to work out.

But aside from that, there are some cool ideas here. Nice work.

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Awesome idea. I love it

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