Playing with 3D Transforms for Navigation

Hi All,

Just playing around the new 3D Transforms, it’s pretty amazing, well done Webflow team.
This example is a little over the top but proof of concept is there…

Hope you all like.



I’m loving it! Nice job @Aaron :smiley:
Great utilization of the skew effect as well! I played around with 3D last night as well, it’s so much fun! :smiley:

Excited to see what you create in the future. :smiley:


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Thanks very much @Waldo!

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Thats awesome, love it =)

Ohhhh that is so cool! :+1:

beautiful! I love how everyone is just going nuts with 3D transforms!


Cool @Aaron
WOW we can do so many more awesome stuff now in 3D :heart_eyes: !!!

Awesome! How did you do that? :open_mouth:

It’s not over the top, it works very well :slight_smile: There’s a lot of inspiration to take from the blog post rotating bar :slight_smile:

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Hi @Bim, feel free to clone the project so you can see how it’s made :smile:

Hi Aaron - looks great. How do I find you to clone the site so I can experiment? :wink:

Hi @GetDex go to this URL:

In the top righ you should see a button in purple saying “Clone”

Hope this helps.


Thanks alot! It helps me to do one portfolio site) It’s looks great!


Great job I like how smooth it is!

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@Bim, this is great. Quick note: on Safari and Chrome, the content “snaps” after the animation, messing up the visual awesomeness you’ve constructed. This is because the horizontal and vertical scroll bars are showing during load, and content is coming in from off-screen during the animation. The content is overflowing outside the Background div. The scroll bars disappear after the animation completes, causing the whole page to jump a bit.

To fix, just add a property to Background that sets the overflow to hidden.


Thanks for the advice)

@Aaron, that menu is dope! I love it :slight_smile:

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