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3D Isomentric Grid. 100% Webflow build

Hello guys! :slight_smile: :innocent: :relaxed:

Want to share with you the result of my inspiration this weekend.

Interactive scrollable 3D Isometric Grid. Build 100% in Webflow.

Inspired by Codrops Article (


That’s awesome @sabanna, great job! So cool :slight_smile: Going to share this :wink:

Thank you @cyberdave :smiley: It was fun!

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This is soooooooooooooooooooo amazing Anna! :smiley:

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Thanks, Vlad! :smiley: I am even glad that @vincent teased me with this Codrops link LOL

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Brilliant stuff! :slightly_smiling:

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Are you kidding me?? I want this for my new portfolio for my site!

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you are cool developer :sunglasses:


Thanks, guys :slight_smile:
@DFink, here is a link to the project If you will need to look on it “from inside” :slight_smile:


Awesome! Saw this on Codrops also and was going to give it a shot, glad to see it’s possible with Webflow.

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@sabanna Thanks girl! I was struggling to get the effect right yesterday night and thanks to you public link, I got to see where my mistake was.

I made a version using flexbox and interactions only. It has multiple stacked layers. Let me know what you guys think. I believe there’s more ways to improve this.

Something that troubles me, the “trigger” area can be a bitch sometimes. Happens on both Sabanna’s and my version, where certain areas you hover would make the animation jumping up and down.


Share link:


Very cool, @alexanderwong!!! :smiley: About that “jumping”: it is really issues of 3D transforms :/. Don’t know how to fix it.

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