3D Concept Ridiculousness

So, I have some cubes, inside of cubes. Then tonight I spent some time playing with circles, inside of circles, spinning on all axis’.

Scroll through to see concepts: http://3dconcepts.webflow.io/

NOTE: The basketball concept doesn’t render very well on mobile devices, I’ll play with it more tomorrow. :slight_smile:

What have you been building with 3D Transforms?


So you made all the shapes using divs connected and applied interactions? How long did this take you?

Hey @jdesign about 2 hours maybe? :slight_smile: Yep it’s all made with divs, styles and interactions. :slight_smile:

The 3 ring hoop took me the longest to figure out (maybe 45 minutes haha) just to get rings spinning on every axis appropriately. Then getting every face of the cubes to explode took a ton of interactions as well (one per a face essentially).

Here’s the Webflow Read-Only link: https://preview.webflow.com/preview/3dconcepts?preview=b2ddd77dc7f184c923376f68ead915f1

That’s cool. Not too time consuming. The interactions are certainly nice effects to have available.

Most definitely. :slight_smile: I’m just experimenting to see what is possible with 3D transforms. Some of these concepts have practical applications, but most are just for fun/art/experimentation. :slight_smile: I’ll start working on more practical 3D concepts soon. :slight_smile:

WOW! impressive @Waldo - very nice work!

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Great stuff, Waldo…!

This is what I’ve been playing with; trying to create a logo in 3D… How do you like it?



I LOVE IT @AlanBorger !!! That’s so excellent :smiley: I keep hovering in and out! haha. Just, WOW! :slight_smile:

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thanks…! yeah, so do I… :relaxed:

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