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301 redirects for specific pages in a folder AND a wildcard redirect for the same folder?

Hi everyone,

We have 200+ blog posts that we will be slowly moving over from our old website to the new website on Webflow.

Two things: The blog posts on Webflow are in a different folder (/post vs. /blog) and a lot of them will have different slugs than on the old website. And we will be re-publishing only a few posts a week, not moving them all at once.

I know how to do redirects on Webflow, including wildcard redirects, but what I’m trying to do is:

  1. as we re-publish the blog posts on Webflow, keep adding redirects for individual blog posts:
    /blog/post1 redirect to /post/newpost1

and at the same time:

  1. for any blog posts that we haven’t yet re-published on Webflow, have a general redirect to the main blog page:
    /blog/(.*) redirect to /blog

Is something like this possible?

If not, what’s the best way to handle these redirects, assuming we don’t want to re-publish all our blog posts at once?

Thank you for you help,