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How to Redirect entire folder to single page

I’m trying to transfer a blog from Wordpress to Webflow and I’m working on all the 301 redirects. The Wordpress blog had tags attached to each post and each time a new tag was added to a post it created a unique page for that tag. e.g. “/tag/ecommerce” "/tag/ecommerce-site " “tag/ecom-site” etc…

Since this blog has hundreds of tags (therefore hundreds of pages because there is a new page for each tag), I want to redirect all pages that start with “/tag” to a single page on the new site “/blog” Anyone know how to do this?

Wildcard redirects do not work because it simply appends the tag to the end of the redirect like “/blog/ecommerce” which means I would still need to create a new page for every single tag on the new website.

You would just use /tag/(.*) -> /blog