301 redirects when original path has multiple folders

Hi - I’m moving from another CMS and the slugs for my blog posts were automatically created using “/” to include the date and title of the post. For example: /blog/2018/12/31/the-intrinsic-value-of-a-saas-business-a-20-year-dcf

I wanted to use the same path after the folder name /blog/ in webflow, but the url slugs do not accept “/” as a character and instead automatically changed them from “/” -> “-”

So, I need to use 301s to redirect the old paths to the new ones. However, the 301 will only replace what is after the final “/.”

For example, I setup a redirect from “/blog/2018/12/31/the-intrinsic-value-of-a-saas-business-a-20-year-dcf” to “/blog/saas-dcf”

However, when I publish and put in the original path, it redirects to “/blog/2018/12/31/saas-dcf” - so it only replaces everything that is after the slash.

Any ideas on how to get the full path replaced in the 301 when there are multiple "/"s? Alternatively, are there ways to have a “/” in the slug?