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30 CMS Items are not enough for a paid user

Dear Webflow-Team,

I must tell you, that for the normal cms hosting 30 items per collection are not enough.
For a good SEO you have create two fields for the “Meta-Title” and for the “Meta-Description” and also you have to create vor every image an extra field for the alt-text and therefore 30 fields are not enough.

In my current project I have a collection with 9 images. For every image I need an alt-text, so instead of 9 fields I need 18 fields only for the images, thats are over half of my collection fields. Plus the two fields for the meta-description and the meta-title, I must use 20 fields only for good SEO.

I would wish that the image field would include the alt-text directly, than I think 30 fields would be a deal, but even than something like 40 fields would be better.

At the price we pay, I think you can ask for a solution that does not force you to use all the fields for a good SEO, so you can not use them for the right content anymore.

Maybe you could change the image field, so that its like in the rich-text field, where you can easily add an alt-tag to the image without using an extra field.

Greetings Maurice

This doesn’t solve you problem but there’s a item on the Wishlist:

Is it possible for you to make a Collection for images only? So every time you want add images to your main collection you add them from there with a multi reference field. Just a suggestion but I understand if you site already up and running.

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Great I will absolutely vote for this! But I have the guess that it will take for ever until something from the wishlist is implemented.

Maybe thats could be a solution, but it would be a pretty messy collection set up and if they implement the wishlist item, what I really hope, then its a lot of work to clean it up. At the moment I have 1 field left, but I had planned to expand the collection by two or three pictures in the near future.

Hopefully there will be a solution provided by Webflow.

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Hey @Maurice!

Just an idea of how I have resolved this few times already. I have two Collections:

  • Blog Posts
    • Name (title)
    • Photos (multi reference field)
  • Photos
    • Name (title)
    • Alt (Plain text)
    • Photo Category (Option or single reference)

Now on Blog Post detail page (the one that displays single collection item) I use Collection List that reference the multi-reference field connected to Photos.


Hope this helps :slight_smile:


Hi @bart,

yes, that would be a temporary solution, thank you. Are there already considerations for a native solution?

Nothing I can give any eta on tbh. We’re constantly looking to upgrade our users’ experience in using Webflow, but we’d much rather be 100% sure that enabling something wouldn’t make the website slow and unusable. For now you can do a workaround (that actually is a great solution ;P) and stay tuned for any cms-related updates in the future :slight_smile:


Why should the option to add an alt-text to an image make the website in any way slow or unusable?

Its a workaround, not more or less. For know I must take it, but for further client work I need to know, if something in this direction is coming.

Its not a good sign for a client, if I say: “Yeah its doable with a workaround.”

Oh shoot… I totally missed the point. The first quote from your msg was about 30+ CMS Items.

As of the Alt Tags, we have that on our roadmap, but no eta on that one either. I’ll see if I can bump this one up, but can’t promise anything :bowing_man:

I understand how frustrating it can be to tell the client “it’s a workaround” – been there before. At this point however, it’s the possible solution (workaround) until a native solution is available.