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Fwd a domain to your main domain


I have my current domain hosted and connected through webflow. Everything is working great.

I purchased a separate domain that I would like to have forwarded to my hosted webflow domain.

Ex below. (hosted through webflow). (forwarded from godaddy) to

How would I do this?

Under webflow You can only point to a project that exists in webflow (No way to point to godaddy site).

google the term “change domain without losing seo” (No way to cover this issue by forum answer).

After you read the docs - be more specific (Its hard to 100% understand your Q).

@Siton_Systems thank you for your response. I am sorry for the miscommunication.

Both domains were purchased from go daddy. With no seo or indexing.

Domain (A) is hosted and tied to Webflow site.
Domain (B) i’d like to point to Domain (A).

Ok. Go to webflow under setting -> hosting


And add domain B. Than set A as deafult domain.

@Siton_Systems super easy! Thank you!

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Mark as solution to close this topic. Thanks! Keep in mind google could index both sites (So its better to set canonical URL (Google support - Consolidate duplicate URLs)

Great guide! I follwoed it and had it done for a friend on