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1&1 CNAME alias causes 2 problems


My domain name (vauban . co) is registered on 1&1. I did set up a cname alias which works fine, but causes 2 problems :

-The @mydomain emails I did set on 1&1 do not work. Their customer service explained me its because the cname redirection also redirects the emails

-I plugged my domain to Google webmaster tool. Google thinks there is a robot.txt file that blocks him. I tried to put a “neutral” robot.txt instead of nothing (“User-agent: * Disallow:”) but it does not change anything

Can you help me ?


Hi @Nabuav, could you please email me your read-only link to support[at] More info on read-only links here: I can then take a look at your settings and try to resolve the issue from there. :slight_smile: Thanks!

Hi Nabuav

I looked into your domain, and it looks like you have a CNAME record for ->

It is not recommended to use a CNAME on the root domain ( as opposed to a subdomain such as Because of how DNS works, when you put a CNAME record on a root domain, it overrides any other records you have set on the root domain - such as the MX record which is responsible for email delivery.

There are a number of ways you could solve this, but here is my recommendation:

From this tutorial here:

Add the DNS A records as described in step 3. You are able to add A records to the root domain ( without any of the issues CNAME would cause.

Then modify the CNAME record you already have set. Change it from to

Then, both and will work and you will be able to recieve your email!

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Thanks guys.

I did what @Nathan suggested. I had to input only one ip adress for the root domain, as explained here (New Domain - Help My Sanity). Is it ok ? (emails & navigation both work fine now)

@thewongiv the google robots problem is still there, I’m sending you the read-only link

Thanks !