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hey guys, I am publishing a site and I have 2 options on webflow, to use www or without www (naked domain) which one should I choose? if I tick both will it be considered duplicate by Search engines? txs

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
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  1. Only use root domain (non-www) if you have CNAME Flattening on your DNS. If you don’t know what this is but you are savvy with DNS, google it, Cloudflare has some good info on it (they basically invented it). If you aren’t savvy with DNS, don’t worry about it.

  2. Don’t publish to both unless you have a non-www to www redirect (Webflow MIGHT do this automatically if you select www as your “Default” domain. Otherwise, they will both be active at the same time and they WILL count as duplicate content… but Google is smart enough to know it’s the same site and will determine a Canonical URL for you… but don’t let them, set the Canonical URL yourself by choosing either www or non-www.

  3. Don’t stress out about it too much. Most websites use www, the ones that don’t just have neurotic webmasters that like to keep their domain as short as possible (like me).

TL;DR: Just publish to www-only.

thanks so much Vincent. As a non-savvy It can be confusing webflow could do with an explanation on the dashboard. Going live thanks to you! cheers!!!

I coulda sworn they used to have a little bit of an explainer here, before CNAME Flattening really became a hot topic. Now they mention CNAME Flattening in the Settings, but they don’t expand on it at all. Weird. (:

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It still had links to all of the docs last time I checked. There’s a lot of detail there so it makes sense to pull it into lessons and articles.

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@A_S1 there are no DNS records for

Without DNS pointing your domain to Webflow properly, your site cannot be retrieved with that domain.

thanks! Vincent I appreciate your help! what a mess it’s now shorted but the site is not index. I followed the steps on the webflow video but I don’t get the code they ask. I got something from godaddy but not sure this is the correct code as still not indexed. Do you know any other way I can get the code for indexing with google? thanks so much webflow should grow that fast if they cannot provide the support to existing clients. No response from them yet.

I found the answer in case anyone is struggling with this here is the link How to find my google site verification ID? - Sites Community although my site is not indexed yet