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How to disable redirect to www / CNAME issues

We use webflow hosting for

We have set two A records has described in “Hosting” and a ANAME record pointing to

So I’d expect that we can perfectly host from and that we could also set a CNAME record and redirect from to the root domain.


Webflow shows this error message although our provider supports ANAME records on root (not CNAME as this is not recommended usage):

I st this entry yesterday and I still experience random redirects to www and also my DNS resolution of is constantly changing and as chrome seems to always cache the redirect the page doesn’t wiork most of the time (I have deleted crome cache and DNS cache).

Why does webflow show the above error?

Also I would like to set a CNAME for www but I had some circular redirect error messages showing up that is why I removed it.

Anybody having similar issues?

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You cannot have a CNAME and an ALIAS (dynamic aname). The CNAME will always take priority over any other record. If you have both a CNAME and an ALIAS you will get redirection errors.

Use your alias (dynamic aname) to redirect from http://www --> naked & https://www --> naked. Some DNS solutions like DNSmadeeasy, Cloudflare and DNsimple have special redirect records that make this process easier.

Another Issue: 8.08mb page size & 7second load time.
You are using background images that are not optimized and won’t scale.

home.2.png, retail.png & footer204.png --> optimize these images --> use shortpixel. That will reduce your homepage by 4.5mb alone.

Instead of using background images, use object-fit. Object-fit will allow for responsive image support. Tutorial here: