Zapier - Update live item error

I’m running into an error when using Zapier to update a live CMS item.

Zapier error message:

We had trouble sending your test through.
The app returned “To directly publish CMS items, your staging and public-facing Collections must be consistent, so be sure to publish to all domains.”. This usually happens when your Zap is missing a required field or a field value isn’t in a recognized format.

I get this error if there has been any change whatsoever published to the staging site but not to the live site. I’ve checked to make sure no changes were made to the CMS items. Is this operating as intended?

I’m trying to be able to update a live Webflow CMS item via a form. I’m currently using a Webflow form. Are there any other ways to accomplish this without keeping staging and live sites perfectly in sync?

Thank you!

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Hi @jonathanhorst and welcome to the Webflow community.

The best advice I can give you on updating LIVE CMS items is to watch this video that @rileyrichter of the staff created at his most recent Meetup in OKC.

Hey talks about live updating CMS fields through Zapier. Great Great Great video!!!