Zapier - CMS Update Item


I want to update a CMS Item, but I do not know how to provide the ID for the Zap.

Does anyone know what to write here?

I can’t find any simple solutions on the internet, and no one seems to tell how to do it on similar posts.


I get mine from an API call. No reason you can’t populate a google sheet from the JSON returned from the; api call. You would need to just convert the JSON to CSV. There is an online converter at the top of a Google search.

You could use to work with the API.

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Not sure if @Malthe_Risager_Jorge needs this as well:

But i need to populate the Webflow CMS from a Google sheet.
To make Zapier work, i need the “item ID”.

As far as my research has gone, this is a variabel from the e-commerce collection(s) on webflow, and somewhat strangely, isn’t available in regular collections.

I really need this, because we change data to around 400 data-items regularly, and i can’t update them in Webflow, but to do them manually one-by-one.

Can anyone help to get (or sync) data from Google Sheets to Webflow and update/change existing data?

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Add a step in your Create Item zap using Zapier Storage to store the _id of the newly created webflow item. You can then retrieve the value of _id from Zapier Storage and use it in the Update Item zap.

Toggl Updated Project
Zapier Storge (get value)
Webflow Update Item

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I think I just solved this in another thread: Zapier - update CMS live items via update csv

Byteline has just launched an Upsert task to add or update Webflow CMS items using a single task.

You don’t need to implement any logic to figure out the ID to update. We recently did a Webflow showcase to demonstrate it. Please check it out here for details. We would love to get your feedback.

(Disclaimer: I work on this startup)