How to update google sheets with updated CMS list without a form submission

How can I create a zap (or other tool) where a master google sheet updates with a new listing or change in listing from CMS without a form submission? My team enters the CMS directly or updates listing on CMS directly and I want it to send to a master google sheet daily. I can create a webform for my staff to fill, but too much work with over 60+ fields, images and toggles. Seems zap only talk about updating Google sheets with webf form submission.

Zapier Community page won’t submit my question.



This is fairly straightforward.

Use Webhooks.

A Webhook is a little automation that sits around looking for an event to trigger (that you define) 24/7.

A good example is whenever a CMS item is updated (or created, or deleted, etc…). That’s an event, which you can have a Webhook trigger an action for.

Your Webhook will see this and send that updated CMS item wherever you want it to go. That could be Zapier, or Make (Integromat) which in turn stores it into your Google Sheet.

They’re easy to setup.

Here are their API docs on it. They’ll show you all the “triggers” that you can tap into.

You can also create one in Make (Integromat):

Or you can skip a lot of the disadvantages of setting this up in Make or through the API Docs and use the Webflow Webhook Creator instead:

The “Destination URL” is where you send your updated CMS item.

Regardless of how you create one, this is what you want to do.

For a deeper dive on it all, checkout this tutorial:

Also, here’s a tutorial on form submissions into Google Sheets. In your case, swap out the form submit with a Webhook and you’ll get exactly what you’re looking for:

Thank you so much, I’ll take a look and see if i can understand the steps. Or I’ll try to find a youtube video on this :slight_smile:

Thanks again!