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Zapier unable to connect to Webflow with Error 500 (CastError)

We’ve been using Zapier to send our Webflow form submissions to Wufoo and it’s worked smoothly for a long time.

Then suddenly last month it stopped working. When I try to connect Zapier to a Webflow, I get a message that says:

Bargle. We hit an error fetching a form submission. :frowning: Error: returned (500) Internal Server Error and said “CastError: Cast to ObjectId failed for value “braintraffic” at path “_id””

Has anything changed with the Webflow API that might cause this or is this an issue with Zapier and is there a workaround?

Hello @tubes very sorry for any trouble with your Zapier integration.

Have you tried turning your Zapier integrations off & back on? I believe Zapier launched some rather large updates in the past month or so.

Please let me know if this helps, if not can you please email us at I’m happy to look into this further?

Thanks for replying. I actually tried that as well as deleting the integration and starting fresh but no luck. Even tried new ones on a different site. I’ll email you.

Hi @tubes, have there been any changes recently to your forms on the Webflow site? I have seen this behavior before from Zapier, where Zapier has not been able to connect to Webflow.

The error is raised from Zapier side it is a Zapier issue that is for some reason popping up once in awhile.

If you can send the mail to, and include the following info, I am happy to check this further:

  1. Link to site
  2. Form name you are trying to connect and what page in the site the form is placed.

Hi @tubes, I took a peek at the Zapier docs and they recommend re-linking the app (reconnect “webflow” to “zapier”)

Can you please try this and let me know if the behavior changes at all?

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