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Anyone know more about Webflow/Mailchimp/Zapier integration?

I am SO close…

I have been trying to automate a new blog post with content from everytime I send a new marketing email to my subscribers. I got close with Zapier, but hit a roadblock/error. Below is my message to their support team, followed by their response, suggesting I communicate with Webflow support. Anyone have any insights, ideas or solutions? THANKYOU!!! :

Trying to have sent emails automate to post as new blog items. Seeing below error. Thoughts?

Bargle. We hit an error creating a item. :frowning: Error: returned (400) Bad Request and said “Expected value to be an ItemRef”

Hi Matt, thanks for reaching out.

This is a tricky one – it looks like for Reference fields, like the “Categories” field, Webflow is expecting the id of the item, and not the name. Unfortunately it doesn’t appear there’s a way to get that id value from within your Webflow site.

I’ll open an issue on this so that the Webflow team knows about it. If it does get improved in the future, we’ll send you a notification email about that.

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Hi @mattfoley, I have the same issue. I’m trying to send data from Trello to Webflow using Zapier and it’s also not letting me do so because of my required topic field that seems to reference the id and doesn’t work with a string of the topic name. I would also love to know how to get around this.

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