Zapier - Item Updated Trigger

Howdy team,

First, thank you very much for now passing Collection Item ID’s and Collection ID’s. It’s a gamechanger and much appreciated.

There are a few Zapier requests I would like to make and thought I might just post it in here:

1. Create a Trigger for "Updated Item"
At this point it is just a lot easier to update collection items via Webflow, instead via Airtable, but I will need anything updated in Webflow to automatically be updated in Airtable (actually don’t need… but would be really nice and time saving), hence an “Updated Item” trigger would be nice. You already have “Order Updated” trigger, so it is pretty much the same thing.

2. Multi reference field formatting in Zapier.
Now that we have the CMS Item IDs, we can actually automatically select the correct item reference by passing the IDs (especially for Reference Items) via Zapier but it does not yet work for Multi reference items.

I tried to figure out a few ways around it, but it appears that I cannot just list multiple Item IDs with commas in between. If anyone has any ideas on how that can be done that would be FANTASTIC.

Hope that last part was clear. Sorry for any confusion.

Other than that… super pumped with the updates.



I have no answer for you unfortunately, but I would like to know how you have achieved to use zapier to automatically select the correct item reference.

Kind regards!


Did you guys figure out how to get zapier to automatically select the correct item reference or is it not possible?