Help needed: Zapier, CMS Update Item

Hello everybody,

i’ve got a problem which really bothers me and i can’t find a solution on the web.

Here is what i want to do:

We gather a lots of information from the community in our project management tool (podio). For example ‘events’. Now i want to push the event items into a webflow collection by using zapier. That works just fine.

When we create a new item in podio, zapier triggers and creates a new item in webflow. podio also creates a unique ID (e.g. date0001) which i also translated into the webflow item.

Now here comes the problem:
When the event item is updated, i want zapier to trigger and update that special webflow item, where the podio ID is equal to the webflow ID.

When updating a live item in zapier a Item ID is required. I’ve no clue where to find or edit it.

I’m assuming it can be done by giving the webflow item a unique ID (best case the one generated by podio, date0001).

any ideas how to solve this?

it’s a german project. ‘termine’ is the word for dates. Thanks for checking! <3

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Look at the Items model in the docs. There is an auto generated _id String Unique identifier for the Item. You need that value to make your reference.

wow! thanks for the quick response!

two questions:

  1. where do i find this ID in my webflow interface?
  2. is it possible to overwrite this ID with another field in my item?

I get the data from the API. I think that if you inspect published HTML you should see a reference to the ID as a data- value. I can’t check that at the moment.

It is auto-generated so no. You could add a field to your collection that you could use as a reference in Zapier (then you have the ID to map your trigger) if you wished. Manually populate it when you have the number, or do it via the API.

Can’t try this now, but won’t you want to grab the webflow id of the created record and send it back to podio rather than push the podio id to webflow. Try this in a multi step zap for the initial webflow create. Then the podio to webflow update zap will have the actual webflow record to work with.

thanks man! exactly what i was doing the last 12 minutes. it works! Now i just have to figure out the IDs of already published entries to enter them into podio. Or i just enter new ones. we’ll see.

Great. Thanks a lot to you guys! :sunny:

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Using the API, you can get all items and item field values in a collection.

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Here is a app tool that you can use to access and play with the API. The free account lets you make a 1000 api calls / month. Of course you can always do the same thing on the command line with the right tools.

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Yep but it it’s just a few look for “page data-w-item-id=“ in the code.

Nice glad the multi step works. Be using that soon.

hi I have the same problem: how do you do it with Airtable… because I want the calendar with all the dates of the year: each day need to be red(rented house) or green(not rented).
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please check my post because I don’t use

Thanks to help me further for

My post: How to edit CMS fields from Airtable with Zapier integration?

Hi guys,

Nice there’s progress being made.
I have a similar, but slightly different, situation.

I don’t create items from an external source (yet).
We already have a collection of around 440 items with lots of variables and also already connected media. So i can’t redo the “create item in webflow from a new row in a Google Sheet”.

So what i think is missing in the Zapier (iirc, something that Webflow needs to add) is the option to locate the _id of an item - preferably by using the name of the item.

  1. In a multi-step-Zap i can then trigger on changes in a row on my Google Sheet.
  2. The next step should check which _id corresponds with the name of the changed row
  3. I can then use “Update Live Item” with the data from step 1 and the **_id from step 2.

Even better would be that it would be possible to update an item just by name.

I’ve had extensive contact with Zapier guys (3 to be precise) and they have helped me a lot.
I even have a temporary JSON with all the _ids from a collection, so i can add these manually to my Google Sheet and for now that will do.

But in the future, and for other Zap’s with Webflow, we really need a true connection to get data in and out with the unique _id.

Anybody here had contact with the Webflow team on this?
There already are requests @zapier for this new trigger or action/search in Zapier, but Webflow needs to do stuff to make this happen.


hi @icexuick maybe we can try @PixelGeek and @Lindapham to forward this problem…

Thanks to have contact with Zapier-team … I think now there will be worked on this issue…
I would love an automatic ID from webflow ‘looking-to-content’-into GoogleSheets/Airtable, …

Thanks I looking forward to it
look to my project: redesign:

Hi Karel (and others that also are really missing this functionality)

Getting data in/out of Webflow with the _id (Item ID) really needs as much attention as possible.
It’s the main obstacle currently blocking any good transfer of data from/to Webflow.

When you however do have the _id, it’s blazing fast and amazingly powerful.

I did went down through the API way (url) and used it to get JSON back. Unfortunately this has a max limit of 100, so i had to do this 5 times with the “offset” parameter to get all 439 items i have in this collection.

Far from ideal, i have to combine these now, then integrate into the existing Google Sheet, and then i’m set - but that’s only temporarily.

The problem would be back again when i create a new item (in Webflow).

Hope this gets all the attention possible.

When this gets sorted and the right features in Zapier would be added, then i believe this would be a game-changer for Webflow (and Zapier) and would make it super powerful.

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Try this solutions I posted in another thread: Zapier - update CMS live items via update csv