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Zapier Error: The app returned "Site is published to multiple domains at different times"


I am seeing an error with a zap that I’m not sure how to handle. I’ve been publishing simultaneously to staging and on my custom domain.

Not sure how to handle.

Ultimately, do need to do some integration work that I want to do on the staging domain before it is in production. Maybe that’s not possible??

Thank you!

From research elsewhere, sounds like this is a limitation of Zapier not understanding what to connect to. My current hack is to duplicate my site and have a version live and public while doing development. If this works, it is fine in the short term, but I am left wondering how to do maintenance long-term.

I’m now working with scripts in Airtable and am seeing the same error.

InconsistentPublicationsError: Site is published to multiple domains at different times

As long as the staging and custom domain are in sync, everything is fine. As soon as they diverge too much, the error starts happening when sending updates using API calls.

To verify, after seeing an error, I went ahead and published both sites and re-ran my test. Was able to update without an error.

Here’s advice from @matthewpmunger on how to deal with this issue.

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