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Published Database not found: undefined

I’m having a hell of a time getting Zapier and Webflow to work together consistently. So many different errors.

Here’s the latest… “Published Database not found: undefined”

Anybody know what that’s about?

Please provide screenshots and public share link to your project. Thank you

Here’s the public link…

The zap in question has worked on and off. I’ve had to fix several errors that all seem to come from the Webflow side of things.

@md673 that definitely sounds like odd behavior. Please be sure to tag me @Waldo in your future posts or Contact Webflow Support if you run into another issue like this as it sounds like a bug. I moved this over from the the CMS API category to the Bugs category.

Could you please let me know which collection you’re having an issue with, and the errors you’re seeing in Zapier. Is there a certain step you’re getting the error with after following this guide?

CloudApp makes it really easy to share screenshots/videos/gifs to share what’s happening on your screen so that we can help you faster as well.

Thanks in advance!

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