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Z index of static object... and more


I’m building an ecommerce site. I’ve made a dropdown menu for the nav bar and there are 2 issues:

First of all, when the cart is opened, the dropdown menu layers higher in the z-index than the cart. Try it with the read only link below. I cant change the z index of the cart because its locked on static. Please advise.

Also, i’ve set the links to drop down menu to NOT open in a new tab, though it still does. Why? (i know the links are dead). Also how do i link directly to the categories (CMS) through the drop down? See the sitemap at the bottom of the page for the actual (working) category links.

read only link:


Hi there @mnm.mihir, welcome to the forum!

  1. Change the z-index of the dropdown element to 1, and the direct parent of the cart (Navigation Controls) to 2.

  2. Does the new window on link click also happens in the published site? In the custom domain?

Hey Aviv,

firstly, the z index fix worked perfectly. Thanks so much!

As for the new window issue, I havent tried it yet for the published site. I assume it will resolve itself and its an issue with the preview mode.

Cheers again!