Dropdown is staying in front of cart wrapper


I am not sure if I am missing a Z-index somewhere or what but I have been messing with the setting for both the cart wrapper and the dropdown for the “select category” dropdown menu on the “categories page”.

After a review of this page (on mobile, however, I’m sure if the dropdown was centered on the desktop the issue would be the same) I noticed the dropdown menu was hovering inside of my cart menu when I should go to open my cart on this page. It can be hard to see at first since the backgrounds are both white at the moment. But, if you watch closely you will see the dropdown still being displayed in front of the cart menu while the cart menu is open.

I am not sure if anyone else has been struggling with this issue or may have a fix. But, any help would be greatly appreciated! I have posted my read-only below I hope that helps!

Here is my site Read-Only:

Webflow - Throne Alternative Apparel

here is a photo of the error.

UPDATE: The issue has been fixed. The problem was that my sticky nav bar was on a lower Z-index. adjusting the Z-index to something like 9999999 fixed the issue.