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Help with an element's z-index or positioning - using a nav menu as a dropdown

Hey all,

I’m using a nav menu as a dropdown list for different blog authors and categories. I have each dropdown stacked vertically on mobile, but I can’t seem to get the dropdown content of the first dropdown to be layered above the dropdown menu below it. I’m using the nav menu instead of a dropdown list simply due to the built-in animation on the dropdown opening. Here’s a video of what I am talking about. hoping someone can help me with what style setting I have wrong.

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Edit: tagging @dram for help :slight_smile: Saw you are online right now, just seeing if you might have a solution if you have time. Thanks!

Try giving the upper nav (categories) a Z-index of 2
This should fix it…


Thanks so much, @Eli11. I love when the solution is easy :slight_smile: Have a good one!

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Btw, beautiful website! professional.

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@Eli11 Thanks so much, means alot! Especially since I am about to spend hours and hours writing Alt Tags for ~300 images on the site haha.

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