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Z-index and menu positioning issue

Hi there,
I’ve just started working with webflow yesterday… so appologies in advance if this is s stupid question.

I started working based on the webflow ecommerce template. I did some tweaks to the navigation. It now minimizes and switches logos on scroll, the shop button is different depending on device/size.

Those tweeks however have now broken two things, that I hope you can help me with

  1. On the Desktop view, when opening the “Shopping Cart” the displayed area is restricted to the navigation area… did I break something with the z-index?

  2. In any of the mobile views, when opening the hamburger menu, I can’t seem to figure out how to position the menu items. There is a slight overlay to the top that I would like to get rid of… but none of the methods I tried actually moved the navbar items… in editing, this lookgs alright - but in preview any changes done to margin or patting are beeing ignored

Thank you in advance for taking the time to help me!

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I have identified an issue. As soon as the Cart or a parent DIV is beeing animated (in my case move up on page scroll) the cart wrapper is broken and restricted to the animated parent instead of fullpage. If i remove the animation - it works just fine.
This affects both “Sidebar” and the “Modular” cart opening placements. The “Dropdown” sidebar placement is the only one not affected by this.Does anyone know a solution to get around this?