Content overlapping mobile navigation

Hi all… having a couple of issues with navigation on mobile sizes… when viewed on a desktop and minimizing the window, the navigation looks and works fine… but when viewed on a mobile device, a couple of areas ‘overlap’ the expanded navigation menu (home page, services page and about us page).
The navigation is setup as a symbol, and the other pages have no issues… any advice would be appreciated.

Hi) Something with z-index. Try to manually set the index for the menu and content sections.

Thanks mate… have tried z-indexes, to no avail. Very strange that it is only a couple of pages, all using the same nav symbol.

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Can you show Read-Only link?

Sure thing.

Have you done something? Now on the phone I don’t see any z-index bugs

Hey mate… the items that were appearing in front of the mobile nav had a page load animation attached to them. I removed them from the animation and it sorted itself. I’ve no idea the reasoning behind it!