Mobile drop down nav at wrong z-index

Hello webflow,
I’m very happy with the site i’ve created through webflow, so thank you everyone for this project.
Everything works on desktop, ipad and phone landscape but on phone portrait mode the drop down nav bar shows up behind the rest of my site.

All settings are the same from iphone landscape to portrait mode so I’m at a loss.
I need to resolve this asap. Please help!
Here is the public link to my site:

thanks to everyone in advance.

Do you witness that on mobile hardware or in Webflow too? On portrait phone on webflow I see the dropdown ON TOP of everything, including the menu. I feel like it’s because of what you did trying to resolve your bug… Have you tested on a completely different machine/handset to avoid any cache issue?

Also when you report a z-index issue, please write down your structure with the zindexes you’ve put, unless it’s too hard to chase everything down. Like:

—div zindex 10
—div zindex 20


(man I hate markdown!)

thanks for the reply. I’m only seeing this on hardware, everything functions correctly within the webflow platform (with the one exception of the “hamburger” icon disappearing periodically, this doesn’t happen on phone hardware only within webflow platform).
HOME page z-indexes:
body - auto
navbar - 2
hamburger 2 (asset) - 10
hamburger icon - 10
nav menu - 10 ( i know these are all the same now but the drop-down nav menu should drop underneath the navbar/logo now)
slider (hero) - auto
all slides - auto
slider nav (buttons) - 1
section header - auto

everything else there is set to auto.
Any help with this would be fantastic.

I’ve gone back through everything and listed the z-indexes in the previous post.
If there’s anything else I can do to help move this process along please let me know.