YouTube embed - impact in to the SEO search score

Hi Folks,

I have a problem with embeding YT video in to the website. I have noticed that when i embed YT video, efficency dramatically decrease. Based on PageSpeed Isights tool, efficiency scoring is dosen points less comparing the same page without YT embeding (76 → 46 performance declines).

All we now that website efficiency and performance play a main role in google SERP.

Any idea how to embed YT in Webflow without negatively affecting PageSpeed Insights scoring?

@Cary - One approach is to use a lightbox and when the lightbox image is clicked that can trigger the video playback. This is native with no coding required. You see this method on YouTube and Vimeo for example since no Video or related scripts are loaded until the user interacts.

Another approach is to use custom code (HTML5 video) and JavaScript to determine when the video is in the viewport, or some other trigger, to load the scripts and the HTML to initiate playback. If you want to avoid writing code you could leverage </>htmx which makes this a trivial undertaking and opens up a many dynamic loading opportunities for more than just video.

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Ahh, Now I see that the best way is to avoid native YT emded, implemented into the Webflow… the consequences are lamentable. WP plugins do a better job of this. :frowning: Maybe some day Webflow Team will make this solution lighter.