Embedding Several YouTube Videos Slows Pageload - Is there an alternative?

Hi everybody,

I am looking for create a page for GeekWrapped that has 20+ YouTube videos embedded (like a Top 20 List).

Currently, when embedding 20 videos via the “Video” element in Webflow, that page takes 40+ seconds to load.

Is there an alternative (e.g. via YouTube’s API) to embed only video thumbnails and title and then loading the respective video on-demand, only when Play is clicked?

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You mentionned it. For numerous videos on a page, using the API of Youtube, or Vimeo, is the good practice. You’ll then basically have one player loaded at any given time and it will be fed with the right video url on demand.

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Thanks for your help, @vincent :slight_smile:

I am not a dev, is there a tutorial for how to embed Youtube Videos via API (e.g. sample code where one can change the API key and video ID)? I searched but couldn’t find any complete examples.

Thank you!

I’m not a dev either. It’s not super duper easy for who’s not a dev, and Vimeo’s API is a bit easier to use than Youtube’s. It’s on my list to make such a tech demo to share it with the community but so far I haven’t taken the time to collaborate with a dev for that… Sorry.

Hello webdes,

Did you try using YouTube gallery? If you are not a developer or if you don’t want to spend lots of time developing your own solution, then you will definitely like this. This is the plugin page (with demo version): https://elfsight.com/youtube-channel-plugin-yottie/ - a simple installation, lots of settings and possibility to create galleries, videos and even channels on your website.

You can find the tutorial for installation here: https://elfsight.com/help/how-to-embed-youtube-video-widget-on-webflow/.

I hope it will help!)


Thanks. I saw this but I think it only works to embed an entire channel. What I am looking for is a way to embed videos from lots of different channels next to each other on a page… Is that possible with Yottie?

Hi webdes!

Sorry for the late reply. You can form your playlist by URLs, as you see on the screenshot:

Or you can display several widgets on a page, with each having the required channel or playlist assigned. For example you can create a page with video gallery with the help of three widgets, where each line will contain videos from the assigned channel.


Try this method:
YouTube Optimized Embed Code Generator
Works great!

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