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Video interaction: noticed a bug

Hey all!

I have a page with full screen video (linked to vimeo) and a header text on top of it. What I wanted to do is to hide the header if I click to watch the video.

What ends up happening is every time I add the interaction to the video, itself disappears immediately, before I even test it.


I don’t think, to begin with, that you can make an interaction that will hide an element on the click on Play a video. BEcause yiu have no control over the vimeo player, and if you put an element on top of the video to catch the click and make the header disappear, you’ll not be able to click play on the video…

Makes sense, @vincent. If I insert a video tag with my own, uploaded video, do you think I’ll get to make that interaction? I’ll give it a try.

The road to follow here would be a JS script using the Vimeo API.


The Vimeo API is not usable with the Webflow Video Widget, because the Webflow widget nests the video in an iframe, within an iframe. So you need to use the code from vimeo and the HTML code widget in Webflow.


The Vimeo API is known to be horrible. I was just there yesterday, asking my developer to make a video play automatically (hey, the same thing you wanna do) and it has been impossible. We could make it stop, but not play.

I’m pretty sure this would be possible with Youtube, their API is known to be better.

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Yeah, youtube API auto-play videos easily. I like Vimeo and try to use it as much as I can, but if the API is a barrier, there isn’t much we can do to help it, right?

Anyway, thanks! Webflow solution to nest iframes is interesting to know.

They use an embedding service I think, forgot the name. It may prevent to use the Vimeo API but in the end, this is how you want to include your video in your site because it’s guaranteed to work for every device, where manual embed is guaranteed not working on mobile most of the time if I’m not wrong (at least on my iThings).

And I don’t want to go back when I was generating various versions of my videos, ogg, webm, mp4… to fit every device. Oh I don’t.