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How to re-create embedded video like this...?

Hi guys

As always I’m turning to the awesome Webflow community for some support with a project I’m working on… I’ll be super grateful if anyone can help! :smiley:

I’m looking to create a site with a homepage that holds 10 or more videos embedded from YouTube. Problem is this MASSIVELY slows down the website load with all those separate URL requests firing off on load.

This website has done it in a really clever way, displaying an image that looks like each video is ready to play, but it’s just a hyperlink, and then when you click it the image disappears and the YouTube request is made for THAT SINGLE VIDEO and it briefly loads then plays.

Any ideas how to do this in Webflow!? The key thing I’m trying to achieve is not make the YouTube video request until someone has clicked to view a specific video so my loading times are reduced.

Here’s hoping! Thanks in advance, J.