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Hey guys!
I’ve been working on this website for a while, It’s functional but I’m not 100% satisfied with it’s actual design, I mean, clearly I could improve many things.

It’s a page intended as a showcase.
They are mostly rustic and produce items in molten metal.
It’s based on the Escape template and has a CMS hosting plan and some products already there.

I’m most worried about it’s performance, mainly in the Products section.
I just would like some critiques on what’s good or not in your opinion, in general.

I must denote the website is in portuguese, but don’t worry about what’s typed. LoL
Thanks in advance! :slight_smile:

Here is my public share link: LINK
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Here are some thoughts. :wink:

I would not put the e-commerce products on the landing page because…

  1. all the content make the website freeze periodically for me both on Chrome and Safari browsers

  2. it overflows the user with information

  3. not easy to navigate on the site

Rather try to put the content into some simple subcategories in some big large divs on the site and when the user presses a subcategory they will be able to filter out all the unessassary items they don’t want to view and only be able to view the items they want.

Example :arrow_down:

I would also get rid of the scroll thing on the e-commerce thing because…

  1. In my opinion it is super out of date and those scroll things on the side are 2005 hideous.

  2. It feels like I am going to be scrolling forever and ever

I would also make all the elements introduce a larger margin and padding as well as make the colors more white because…

  1. You are trying to sell stuff here, make the colors of the site brighter…
  • to have better contrast with the items you are selling

  • set a happy mood for the visitor and not a dark grey “unhappy” mood

  1. Try increasing padding and margin for everything, if you organize the site correctly there should not be too much content on each page so allow for space between your content and a nice scroll for the user to look at all your items.

This was my critique as a digital designer as to what I would change to appeal to users more. Hope this helped and you were able to find some good tips. :wink:

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Thank you!
You helped a lot.

Honestly I was already considering a major redesign. Your opinion was crucial for me to dive into that. :slight_smile: :+1:

Soon I’ll be posting the results.


Hello @VladimirVitaliyevich :smiley:

I’ve redesigned it.
To tell you the truth, I based the new layout on Splashed. I confess it’s almost a clone.
But I think the adaptation is cool. :eyes:

I still need to make a few basic adjustments.
What do you think of it?

Much better!

One thing from a visual perspective that I would change though is the padding/margin, I feel as if everything is tightly together, rather, I would space out your elements more out vertically.

Also i found this section misleading and as a user I got very confused. :confused:

it states categories and gives names and pictures but does not provide a link to the certain category portrayed. Now I know there are sub-categories placed in those categories so what I would do is much like an e-commerce site i would make the image a link that redirects to a page that contains all of the items for that certain category but also have sub-categories to ease the use for the user.

Much like this:

From there the user’s can focus more there search for a certain object.

Just my thoughts on if you really want to take this site to the next level!

Hope this helps. :wink:

Looks good @LuckyScooby! Nice and clean, visually pleasing :slight_smile:

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