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Feedback, please

I’m an amateur web designer and would like some constructive feedback on how to improve this site before I publish it to the correct domain.

Sticky Notes

Yes, some links are broken. I’ll be fixing those this weekend.

Just want to know how to make the UI/UX better.

Thanks in advance.


Here is my public share link: LINK
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I just gave it a quick (and I do mean quick!) glance, but noticed a few things.

  1. Your landing page is not the same as your home page. I don’t know if that was intentional, but it can be confusing to some people because they’re usually the same.

  2. This might be something you’re going to add, but you logo in the upper-left corner should go to your landing page or your home page. (Edit: Just realized it does go to home page. Sorry.)

  3. The girl at the top is nice, but doesn’t really seems to match with what you’re selling. If she was in more of an office setting or better yet, actually shown sticking a note on a door.

  4. She really doesn’t need to be on each page. You’re using a LOT of your top-page real estate with her photo. I’d get rid of her and either put subject-related image on each page, or just have no big image.

  5. Don’t know if this was intentional, but if you keep images on sub pages, the blue overlay disappears on the mobile phone size.

Hope this helps! And good luck!

Hi Cheryl,

Thanks for the feeback. Good points.

I’m confused on item 1. I don’t have an actual landing page. My home page is my landing page. Are you saying that there SHOULD be a separate landing page or that there SHOULD NOT be.



Good morning.

Sorry for any confusion. Here’s what I meant.

When I go to the link you provided in your post, I assume that that is your landing/home page. Notice the text that is over the woman’s face when you visit that link.

Now, click “home” in the menu, the page and text changes. That is what I was talking about.

It seems like the link you provided and your “about” page might be the same, but I’m not looking at it in detail.

Did that help explain it?

I looked closer, and the link in your post is going to a one-sided sticky page, not your home page. So it’s probably more about the link you shared than anything being wrong with your site. :slight_smile:

You’re right. I missed that.

I’m going to workover the site this weekend.

Thanks for your help. I appreciate it.


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You’re welcome. Thank you for being open to feedback. One other thing you might consider… on your home page, move your examples of the sticky note pads way up higher on your page. They’re nice looking and what you’re selling. Being at the bottom of the page doesn’t seem the right place for them.
Just a thought.

Good luck with your site!

Good advice.

Thank you very much.

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