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Opinions on UX and overall design

Hi everybody,

I posted a much earlier version of the site a few months ago. Lots has changed and I would love your feedback. What do you like about the UX and overall design, what would you improve?

I also build many category pages, see here: Shop Geek Gifts by Interest

And finally, specific topics e.g
Telescope Buying Guide
3D Printers

Thanks so much for your help and for sharing your opinion. This website is a labor of love so it means a lot :smile:

PS: This wouldn’t be possible without Webflow, you guys rock!

It’s a cool site - did you handpick all the items? they’re brilliant!

i really like how the info is laid out - very easy to read and well written - for example the telescopes - i like how the three types are explained and then the various characteristics with the icons for each telescope.

i’d like to have a sticky nav bar across the top. i’d also like more categories - i really like the drone and telescope category - maybe a drop down with other popular categories in the nav bar. you could also have a total category listing page - and you could put this category listing in the footer also.

i don’t like all the social share icons down the right or on the product images but that’s a personal thing.

the home page has too much on it - it’s ridiculously long - quite overwhelmingly for me. maybe you could have popular products and categorise everything else. if people want to view all products on a page, give them that option but maybe don’t land them on it.

with regard to the design itself - i like it’s simplicity - but to me it looks a small bit dated.

  • I think you could make use of coloured backgrounds/white text to section some of the pages better
  • The product blocks on the homepage could be improved - i’d remove the padding so the button and image stretch to the edges . i’d move the name below the image and use a different font for the product name - and i’d remove the link to the amazon page on the header text - and a colour more definite (maybe white) than the light blue background.
  • i’d lose all the rounded edges on the blocks and buttons - keep it sharper and edgier - i think it’d fit the site better.

overall, it’s a cool site - i’ve saved it for gift ideas for the future! with a bit of tweaking, i think it could be great!

best of luck

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This certainly is an interesting site and is quite easy to use.

The only issue I can think of is that in mobile view, the AddThis bar bleeds onto the nav menu.

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Hello Diarmuid,

Thank you very much for your smart feedback., really appreciate it!

To answer your question, yes I handpick all products on GeekWrapped to make sure they are high quality and have good online reviews. My goal is to get more people excited about science and technology and I think fun gift ideas are a very organic way to do that :grinning:

What do you mean with “sticky nav bar across the top” please? Do you mean that it moves with the scrolling window (fixed)?

Also, you mentioned more categories would be good, can you elaborate what you’d like?

Thanks again for your help!


Thanks for your helpful feedback.

I adjusted the mobile menu, does it work for you now?
Can I ask: Which device and browser are you using? The AddThis bar should be on the BOTTOM for mobile, strange…


Much better, and the device/browser I am using is an extension for responsive web design viewing, and so the image I took was from an iPhone 6s Plus - Portrait layout.

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Hi @webdes, I have always enjoyed looking at your site :slight_smile: I think this is an absolute must:

Just saying…


Hi Dave,

Thanks so much. I’ve put a lot of work and love into the site, so your friendly words really mean a lot! :grinning:
Would love it if you help spread the word and tell friends about it, thanks!

PS: Yeah, that jacket is crazy cool.

Awesome, thanks! Really appreciate your feeedback.

Nice collection but you are loading a lot of content at once and this is bad for people with a data plan.

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Thanks for the feedback, Antonio. I’ve added a lazy load plugin that loads the pictures only when the user scrolls down, so the page load is (somewhat) quick. Did it load slow for you on mobile over a data connection? Thanks