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Hey guys! I’m new to the forum. These are proposals for my friend’s hotel for backpackers in La Paz Bolivia. After manny iterations, I ended up with 3 proposals that try to evoke the image of a chasqui; highly trained and agile messengers of the Inca Civilization. They were known for walking great lengths in short amounts of time with very limited water supply. I’d love your opinion. Thanks so much in advance!

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Hi @Michaeldunca and welcome to the forum:slight_smile:

I find the Inca’s head in the first logo pretty cool, but the text is a bit hard to read, or at least, doesn’t catch my eye.

I personally would go for a mix, keeping the head and taking the text out.



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Hey Michael and welcome to the forum!

I like the first logo, it feels like a stronger / more original concept than the other two. I would focus on refining this first one, making HOTEL larger so it is easier to read (perhaps you could increase the width of the neck and play with slightly different head shapes?) and as a small detail I would tweak one of the O’s in ROOM as script typography feels more natural when the letters aren’t identical. It’s a slight tweak but I’ve used this font (Reis I think?) for a logo before and making small changes like that make a big difference :wink:

One of my favourite bits of this logo is how you’ve integrated the 3 stars into the neck (I read it as a necklace at first) which feels really natural and stops it from being some cheesy hotel logo where they force their star rating down your neck!

But yeah nice work! Looking forward to seeing what else you design, and how this branding might look on a website.

Ta ra :wave:


The first concept certainly has a stronger presence in my mind. It’s a bit more rugged… Which would align with the context - a backpackers hotel. I would however be a little concerned about the legibility of the text at smaller scales.

Does it work at an inch?

How are you going to apply it across their stationary and website? (Even if you’re not creating these for them, or if they don’t want them right now, it needs future-proofing).

One concern would be it looking too much like a bar, or a restaurant? Maybe it needs something a little more defining to highlight the fact that it’s a hotel… The feathers could perhaps from a house - or a tent of some kind?

There is something elegant that I love about the second concept… But depends on the audience of the hotel - are these backpackers on a shoestring budget or middle class holiday makers? I think this would be less likely to appeal to those on a budget.

Also concerns about the level of detail. Perhaps you could create the character as a pattern itself, rather than patterns within the character?

Hope that helps.

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