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"Your Connection is not secure" Recent Issue during interview

Was recently on a skype interview and the interviewer told me that they were unable to bring up my website portfolio because their firewall was blocking it. I hadn’t gotten the error myself until recently, but when I pull up my site on my phone/desktop in Chrome I get a “Your connection is not private” warning. Obviously for me it’s fine, but for anyone just browsing along…that’s a big issue and would deter most people from continuing to my site.

These connections are causing the security error:

This happened before I switched DNS records to new SSL, when I switched to new records, and still when I switched back.

Any ideas on how to fix this?

What’s your site’s link?

Your site doesn’t have SSL now, so this shouldn’t be a problem. If you switch back to SSL, let us know.

Do note that sometimes it takes a while for switched settings to fully propagate/take effect.

The interview was last week. Before I switched to SSL. The issue persisted after SSL record switch and waiting a day. It still is happening.

Have you followed this to the dot?

Your domain record doesn’t seem to have been set correctly.