Privacy error when others are accessing my website

Hi everyone!

While I’m not having any issues in this household of accessing my portfolio, others seem to be getting a privacy error when trying to open my portfolio. I feel like I’ve checked through everything and my site is finally populating in the Google SERP but I’m really confused about what could be happening.

Here’s the read only: Webflow - Karmen WOng's Portfolio

Hey @karmen_wong looks like those pages still have passwords set on them to restrict access.


Hi Vincent! I need a password set on those pages because they’re case studies with information that I can’t make public.

Attaching a photo as an example of what others are encountering when they try to open my portfolio.
[redacted for privacy]

That looks like a local firewall issue… have them try going to the site on their phone (NOT connected to the company WiFi.)

What concerns me is that something about my page is somehow triggering their firewall or privacy issue when it shouldn’t be. This could potentially cost me interviews because people aren’t able to access my portfolio conveniently.

Definitely, it’s stated in the firewall page… it’s been categorized as a “Parked Domain” which they block because many times, parked domains get hacked or just have ads that may not be appropriate.

They can report the site to their administrator and get it removed, but if the firewall provider scanned your site previously when it was a Parked Domain, then your domain may have that issue with any other network that uses the same firewall provider.

Here’s a different screenshot of a privacy error :frowning: This is someone trying to access from their personal computer.

Oh boy. :frowning: I’m trying to figure out a way to remedy this before I apply to more jobs but I’m not sure how to go about it.

Okay, THAT looks like an SSL cert issue… can you get the “Show Details” on that? Because the SSL cert looks fine for me. Did you only just recently publish the site? It could be that it just hasn’t propagated everywhere yet.

I was just about to say the same thing, and I’m not seeing anything obviously wrong either. Your config looks like standard IPs, no reverse proxy, nothing over-complex.

My best guess is the same as Vincent’s, something out of sync in a CDN somewhere. I’d probably republish, contact support, send them the same messages.

Indicate where your clients are trying to access from, it might help identify the CDN, but even so it’s an unusual issue. I think Webflow support would really need several different customer reports to narrow in.

Interestingly I’m just checking now to see if Webflow’s own IP’s are blacklisted anywhere, and there is one list they’re both on. All others are green. It’s an unlikely cause, but…

OH! I’ll have to ask my friends that have gotten that error message and circle back that screenshot. Yes, recently within the past month or so. I verified my site with Google, hoping that would help with it being whitelisted. This is my first time trying to use a custom domain.

I really appreciate both your inputs and insights! I’ll have to reach out to Webflow’s support because GoDaddy’s was a complete bust.

Yeah if it’s been more than a month, you shouldn’t be having propagation issues…

GoDaddy could also be an issue here… Their DNS is kind of terrible. Basically what that other screen shot is saying is that the SSL cert doesn’t appear to match the domain name… you might be in some weird in-between where GoDaddy’s DNS is still trying to control the SSL but Webflow has taken over via A/CNAME and is issuing its own certs…

I agree with @memetican in their analysis and steps forward. Contact support, send them screenshots of the errors. You can even use a VPN to “travel the world” and see if their CDN is having issues that way. I’ll take a look later tonight. If I find anything supporting this, I’ll send it your way.

Best of luck! On the site and the job search. It’s rough out there!

Oh man. Yeah, I’m not really familiar with this at all and tried to follow everything to a tee through resources I’ve been able to come across. I haven’t seen any thread providing a solid solution or explanation for this situation. I sent a message to support and hope to hear back soon. I’ll circle back if there’s anything worth sharing. Maybe I need to abandon ship on my GoDaddy domain if it’s too much of a headache. I just don’t understand why it’s this complicated for me.

I appreciate all the help and the best wishes, Vincent! It is indeed. Bracing for the interviewing process. Just need to get this issue figured out.

Having a portfolio website already puts you ahead of the masses. I’m sure you’ll shine.

Don’t be too upset about GoDaddy… they’re the biggest name because they do the most advertising and a lot of people just go with them because… well who else even advertises? (: