A potential client cannot access my Webflow hosted sites


I have sent a proposal to a potential client with links to previous web design work I’ve carried out - mostly hosted on Webflow. The client cannot access any of the Webflow hosted (SSL enabled) sites as their browser (Chrome) gives a security warning saying that someone might be trying to hack their computer. I have a few other sites which are hosted with One.com (SSL and non-SSL) and the client can access these with no problem whatsoever.

The interesting thing is I have seen this before for some of my Webflow hosted sites but then I stopped seeing this issue / error.

So, as it is I can access these Webflow hosted SSL-enabled sites while my potential client cannot access them. This is a pretty serious flaw / error as in this particular case, my client who wants to give me the work will not do so as they fear that the website I’ll be building them will not be accessible.

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Have you encountered this issue? Anything you can do to help me or try remedy the issue?

Thanks in advance.

Hi @Diarmuid_Sexton that definitely sounds like odd behavior and I’m not seeing it on our SSL hosted sites. Which site are you having this issue with? What is the custom domain? If you’re not able to share it publicly can you please email me at support@webflow.com to further investigate or send me a direct message?

​Thanks in advance!

It is happening for all my Webflow hosted sites - this user is getting security alerts on Chrome that prevent them from accessing the site. I’ll send an email.

You can see the error in Google Chrome if you try to access a site via https, when SSL has not been set up.

Example: https://www.diarmuidsexton.com

If you did not give the user https link, the user might have a plugin that forces all websites to use https.

User can always click “Proceed to www.diarmuidsexton.com (unsafe)” link below to proceed.

Also, on a related note, if user is an CMS editor on the site, they may also see Not Secure warning when the login form is displayed. This is due to Non-HTTPS Sites Labeled “Not Secure” by Chrome

Example: http://www.diarmuidsexton.com/?edit

So, I had SSL setup for that website and that wasn’t working for the client trying to access it so then I turned off SSL and that still isn’t working - using a regular non-HTTPS url i.e. www.diarmuidsexton.com

They say they have Norton installed on their machine. Could that be causing an issue?

If everyone else can view the site, I would say it’s a localized issue. It could be an application, browser plugin, browser settings, incorrect system settings, malware, etc. and I won’t be able to repro the issue unless I have access to the user’s machine.

I don’t know if this helps you at this point, but the first link to your site returns the warning, the second link, two posts up from mine, works just fine.

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