You cannot have more than 1 nested collection list on a single page [and evidently forum post titles need to be unique]

So, I’m trying to work around the pretty big limitations of the CMS system and make a blog that actually looks good.

The rich text feature does not allow to split text in 2 columns nor much of anything else so I made one table for articles and one table for article sections. Each article references the sections and then each section has it’s own rich text which then I split in 2 columns if the section has that setting and if the platform is desktop-like. This seems to works pretty well

Now, the positioning of text and images in the rich text widget thing is still unwieldy, especially between desktop and mobile. I figured each article section should have 2 multi image fields, one for before the rich text and one for after.

The thing is, when I try to add the second collection for the “after images” I get presented with a nice error but no explanation. This seems to be like a brick wall without a reason and without any kind of warning.

How would I go around this issue? Why even allow more than one multi-image fields if they can’t be used?

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Hey Lorin,

Have you tried Finsweet Attributes? They have a workaround to be able to nest more than one on each page. Hope this helps.

Finsweet Attributes - Nest



Interesting, is this stuff free? I can’t find anything that says it’s paid. For now I think I figured out a way to deal with just one nested collection but I’m pretty sure I’ll end up back here in no time.

Thank you very much!